Protective Storage Clip for 5CM Canon Integrated Cartridges PG-260 CL-261 PG-240 CL-241 PG-40 CL-41

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Cartridge Clip

  • One Clip for storing cartridges.

  • You need to protect the printhead with a piece of Saran Wrap or Scotch Blue Tape.  The Blue Tape is a specially made tape and expensive. If you do not have Blue Tape, use a piece of Saran wrap between the printhead and the foam on this storage clip.  Do not put the printhead directly on the foam.

  • This is NOT a priming clip.

  • The package includes one Storage Clip.  It works on both black and color-integrated cartridges.  If you have a color and a black cartridge, you will need to order two.

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