Rectangle with Tab

Rectangle with Tab

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These cartridges are  rectangular with tabs on their ends. An example will look like this: (Picture)


  • No tools are required for non-XL cartridges.
  • A small drill for XL cartridges (optional)

How to put ink in

These cartridges do not have printheads. Each cartridge has two chambers; one holds ink, and one has a sponge to regulate pressure. 

You can flip over the cartridge and drip on the felt pad until the ink comes out. If you have an XL version ( non-starter or non-XL), you can also drill a hole in the back and add ink there.

Priming & Unclogging: The priming is done directly on the printhead. The most common method is flushing. We currently don't have a flushing tool, but it is in development.

How to Print

After the refill, the printer won't recognize the new ink level. However, the printer will keep printing and will only give you low ink warnings. If you ignore the notifications by clicking "Yes," the printer will keep printing. The printer will show the last warning when it thinks the ink is depleted and will ask you if you still want to use the cartridge. Click "Yes" and the printer will turn off ink tracking and let you print forever. The ink monitor will be grayed out afterward. This kind of chip is also called the "gray chip" model. You will not reset the chip in each of these cartridges. If you are new to refills, please visit this blog: (LINK)

If you are new to refills, please visit this blog: (

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