Indelible Ink

Indelible Ink

BCH Election Ink is specially formulated to leave a mark around the fingertip and the fingernail and cannot be easily removed for up to 7 days.  The ink is also known as “indelible ink,” which prevents people from voting multiple times.

The stain ink is impossible to remove with soap and water, solvents & bleaching agents, but BCH Election Ink is non-irritant and safe for children.  The active ingredient is silver nitrate, which reacts with the salt on the skin and forms silver chloride. Silver chloride is not soluble in water and clings to the skin until the top layer of skin  naturally falls off in 5-7 days.  

BCH Election Ink makes it ideal for combating election fraud as it enables voters to be easily identified. The ink will cost less than 1% of an election budget but will deliver 100% fraud-proof results and will be more effective than alternative measures.  BCH Election Ink can be developed to meet your special requirements. We can make the ink at different concentration strengths or use different applicators, such as sponged jars, spray bottles, or marker pens.


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