About Us



Hello! I'm Kevin, the man behind a company that specializes in printing solutions. It all started back in my grad school days at the University of Illinois, where I would hunker down over my trusty old HP printer, carefully refilling it instead of buying new cartridges. I can proudly say that I haven't bought a new cartridge in two decades!This interest blossomed into a business when I partnered with an experienced chemist from a Fortune 500 company. Together, we began to sell compatible inks, starting off with our friends and family as our first customers. Can you imagine? Our inaugural order was even delivered in a soda bottle!What was once a hobby gradually transformed into a full-fledged venture. Driven by our growing popularity, I took the leap and quit my job as an IT consultant, dedicating myself fully to our brand, which is now a registered trademark.

Today, our journey is also chronicled on my YouTube channel, which has recently hit an exciting milestone of 40,000 subscribers! Our YouTube channel ranks 2,015th worldwide in the "HOW-TO" category. I warmly invite you to become part of our journey. Visit my YouTube channel and our other social media platforms linked here. I'm looking forward to getting to know you. Don't be a stranger!



Why Refill?

Ounce by ounce, original HP ink ranks more costly than human blood! Fortunately, refill technology has advanced tremendously over the years. Ink technology is no longer monopolized by big companies. We can make inks as good as OEM inks which make refilled cartridges printing laser sharp documents and vivid color pictures. With a refill kit, our customer can refill their cartridge at home. A more technical savvy customer can spend less than 30 minutes installing a permanent cartridge and never have it refilled. Ink is supplied from external tanks continuously; this technology is known as CIS – Continuous Ink Supply System.


No more trips to the store, which saves time and money but also saves wasted cartridges from polluting the environment.

Why Choose BCH Technologies?

A picture is worth 1,000 words. We take this picture 


and printed it very small. So small that we need a microscope to check the result:

BCH Ink Epson Ink HP Ink
7-bch.jpg 7-epson.jpg 7-hp.jpg

Under a microscope, BCH ink outperforms Epson & HP 

Our business is dedicated to helping home offices and small businesses with their printing needs. There are other 3rd party ink companies. We feel that we excel in these areas:

  1. Our trusted brand delivers consistent results. Our BCH brand is a registered trademark with USPTO and we have a very strict quality control. Each time you buy from us, you will get exactly the same result.
  2. We travel around the world and talk to all of our suppliers to achieve the greatest value. We will not sacrifice value for the price. Value achieves satisfaction and we want our customers satisfied.

What does BCH stand for?

The BCH stands for "Best Carolina Homes."

I’ve been a traveler since I was eighteen years old.  I went to a college with a different language and culture that was thousands of miles from home. After college, I took a sales job and kept traveling. I came to the US about thirty years ago. I didn’t want to keep moving, but I had to relocate for education and jobs.  After getting two master’s degrees and working for a few companies, I lived in Ohio, Illinois, New Hampshire, Vermont, Massachusetts, California, Michigan, and South Carolina, but I  now live in North Carolina. My three children were born in three different states, and my friends are scattered across the globe.

Finally, my family and I moved to North Carolina.  At the first sight of this great state, I know this was home, so I decided to start my own company here. However, the idea was a bit scary to me.  Throughout my life, I was brainwashed that I had to work for someone. For example, I needed to learn certain skills because they were sought by companies, or I had to behave a certain way so a boss would "appreciate" me.  With advanced degrees under my belt, I didn’t even have the confidence that I could feed myself. I started by writing down ideas that I could do to make a living and ended up with twenty-one ideas. The first one was to create a website, which didn't work.  The second one was to be a realtor. I went through evening classes and got a Realtor’s license. Then, I found out that I wasn’t a people person. I moved on to the third idea, which was to refill ink cartridges. I started in my garage. A year later, I moved to a storage building, and then I had to rent office space, hire employees, and register with the state. 

When I registered the company, I thought about how I started.  The company started with an idea that Carolina is the place to call it home.  It is home for me, my employees, and many lucky Carolinians. Therefore, the word BCH became our company name.

I still have eighteen ideas left to try.

To all of you, from all of us at BCH - Thank you and Happy Printing!

Kevin William Day President of BCH Technologies