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These mini tanks don't have  printheads. Each tank has a computer chip that prevents refilling. Not all models have a third party ARC chip, so not all cartridges are refillable in this category.


  • Refill OEM: drill, 3rd party chip
  • Refillable cartridge: no tools needed

How to put ink in

HP 88, 940

The early models, which is rounded at the corner, can print forever (see “gray chip” above).  

HP 932,933, 950,951,952

All the new models cannot override or reset. Because the original HP chip has to be replaced with a third party ARC chip, most people choose to use a refillable cartridge with an ARC chip installed. You can also glue a 3rd party chip over the OEM chip but the refillable cartridge solution is more ideal.

You can push a plastic ball into the cartridge, add ink, and seal the cartridge. For the refillable cartridge, you will only need to remove the air plug and refill plug. Refill the ink and re-insert the refill plug. The air hole will be open during operation.

How to print

The chip is a page counter. Once you print the maximum of pages, the OEM chip will keep the count at peak and thus stop working. However, the ARC chip will return to zero. Therefore, there are two things to remember: 1) if the printer complains about "low ink," keep printing and ignore the warning. 2) if the printer complains about how the "cartridge cannot be recognized or depleted," the ARC chip's counter has been reset to zero. You will need to take the cartridge out, refill it, and put it back. Then, you will see a full tank of ink.

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