How to Force Epson Ink Levels to Full with a Cartridge Resetter

Today we are going to show you how to use a chip resetter to make an Epson's ink level back to full.  Epson stores the number of printed pages in a computer chip, which is located at the front of a cartridge.  If we refill a cartridge, we also need to reset the page number back to zero.  Otherwise, the printer will still show low ink and prevent us from printing.

A  "resetter" tool allows us to change page number. We can find resetters at,  under Accessories-Resetter-Cartridge.  

There are few words of caution:

1. A resetter only works on specific models.

For example, a resetter with SKU AS-RESET-EP2 only works with US model T200 T252 T273 T277 and European model 17, 18, 24, and 26.  And it doesn't work for T220, T288, and T410.  We have a table which summarizes the cartridge models and resetters.

2. The resetter only works with one-time-use chips.

Such as the original Epson or third-party compatibles.  The resetter doesn't work on a refillable cartridge's ARC chip.  The ARC chip has a different reset mechanism than a one-time chip has.

3. The resetter only works when you have some ink left in the cartridge.  

Once the ink is depleted, the printer will send a "kill" signal to the cartridge.  For one-time chips, this message will be detrimental.  On the contrary, an ARC chip uses the kill signal reset itself; this is why the resetter doesn't work with ARC chips.


Yellow: Low Ink Warning.  Can be reset.  Yellow: Dead.  Cannot be reset


To use a resetter, we line up a cartridge's chip with pins.  There is a removable guard to help us position the cartridge.    Once lined up, we push down the cartridge until the LED light turns green.


If a reset is successful, you will see this warning screen. Epson says your cartridge is not genuine Epson cartridge.  

Then, the second screen will be even scarier.  Epson tries to trick you to switch back to expensive inks.  

After clicking "Proceed" and "Yes", you will see the yellow ink is reset.

Oct 18th 2018 BCH Technologies

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