Fix Epson Printing Blank Pages - The Printer May Not Be Clogged!

Does your Epson printer print blank pages? The first thing to try is to eliminate the possibility of clogging. We have a video to explain what clogging is and how to get rid of it. After you unclog the printer, run a printhead cleaning routine with the printer's built-in function. If you see ink gets sucked into the printhead, that means at least some nozzles are not clogged. Therefore you should be able to see some ink on paper. If you see absolutely no color, then read on.

The problem may be the F1 (or other names) fuse. Generally, a printhead burnout can cause the fuse on the circuit board to break. The fuse controls electricity to the printhead. Some Epson printers can detect the blown-out and throw an error. However, some models have no such detection. The printer will function normally. Everything seems to be working, except there is no power to the printhead and thus produces a blank page. The problem persists even if you replace a new printhead.

Many printheads short-circuit caused by flushing. Done by non-professionals, there is a high risk when applying too much pressure. The liquid may get into the internal side and cause a short circuit to the printhead. Furthermore, if the printer is turned on prematurely (before the printhead electronic board is dried out), a short-circuit may also occur. When one decides to push liquid into the printhead intake, the procedure should be done slowly and gently. Also, the printer should be given plenty of time to recover the flushing.

If a short-circuit happens, do not keep the printhead. Never use a faulty Epson printhead on a replacement or new circuit board because it will burn the fuse again on the new circuit board. Many sellers on eBay sell refurbished printheads, and it's easier to replace a printhead than the mainboard. Epson's F1 fuse is a tiny-sized SMD (surface mounted device). If you have a replacement part and good motor skills, you can stop reading. For the rest of the folks, you can short it with a drop of lead. However, you will need reasonable confidence in your printhead. Otherwise, if you have a faulty printhead, the blown-out will kill the mainboard, the FFC cable, and the printhead.

Good luck to all, and here are some images to help you find the F1 fuse.

CD16 Main - Epson WorkForce WF-3540 WF-3530 WF-3520 WF-3010 WF-3640 WF-3620
Find the FFC connector for the front LCD panel.  The F1 is near there.

CD36 Main - Epson WF-7210 WF-7710 WF-7715
Find the 3 FFC connector to the printhead first.
It looks like Epson dropped a zero ohm resister instead of a real fuse.

CC97 Main - Epson WF-7610
See this thread.  I can't explain it better:
Apr 25th 2021 Kevin

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