Epson Loud Print Noise - Clear Tube Cover Install Error - E01 or 000021

Today we’re looking at a problem you may be having with your Epson printer that causes a lot of loud noise. Specifically, we’ll be looking at Epson error code 000021. You may also get an error message labeled E-01.

If you have no idea what that means, don’t feel bad. That’s why I’m here to help. Let’s start by turning the printer off. Now we’re going to have to check inside the printer. Some models can be opened pretty easily, while others will require a bit more work.

For the 2000 model I used in this video on my YouTube channel as a demonstration, you must remove two screws toward the top that are in the way. One screw is to the far left, while the other is located on the far right.

After removing those two screws, you should be able to open the scanner. When you lift it, be careful that you don’t raise it too high. Doing so may cause you to accidentally pull out some cables. Ideally, all of these cables will remain in place throughout this process.

Instead, open it to about a 30-degree angle and put something in the gap to prop it up that way. You should be able to see a clear piece of plastic underneath the scanner, near the ink tubes. This piece of plastic can come loose sometimes, which is what makes that noise you were hearing.

Putting that clear piece of plastic back into place isn’t as straightforward as it might seem. To put it back, first make sure that the curved side of it is facing downward. First, look at the hole on the bottom. You should see a corresponding tab on the curved, black piece of plastic under where the clear piece was.

The hole fits nicely onto that tab, and then you just have to slide it back to lock it in place. Before you do that, though, we have to position the hole on top with its corresponding tab. Rather than just pushing this one on top downward, you have to slide it onto the tab sideways.

Once that’s done, you can put the bottom hole on its tab and slide the entire clear plastic piece backward until it’s in place. Lastly, there’s a third hole that has to go on its tab. This one is the easiest to deal with, though. All you have to do is hook it on, and then you’re good to go.

The only noise you should hear now will be from your upstairs neighbors! I hope this blog helped you fix the printer. For more tips, tricks, and DIY fixes, follow my YouTube channel, Kevin at BCH. Here's a video walkthrough of this process if you'd like to see how I did it. Happy printing!

Jul 29th 2022

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