An overview of Epson's Main Board CD16

Today, I am going to talk about Epson's mainboard CD 16.  This board is widely use in Epson WorkForce WF-3640 and WF-3620. We're going to focus on the motherboard's wiring, where those wires come from, what those wires for, how we can correctly attach them to the mainboard.

I'm going to use a CD16 mainboard. Everything is clearly labeled. The R is the resistor, C is the capacitor, and CN is the connection. Today, we are going to focus on the connection. You can see there's a CN73, so that's connection 73. Also, it tells you the contact point's color. YE is yellow, so you need to put a yellow plug here. CN73 is for the EDF solenoid. Just below, it is CN32, white, and that's for the scanner's motor. CN33 is the ADF motor, and CN30 is the CR motor, cartridge motor. The CN71 is for your ADF encoder and ADF dock sensor. CN70 is the FFC cable to the scanner. Remove the ground wires, and you should be able to take the scanner off.

Okay, not many things left after we took out the scanner. We're going to remove this beaker CN20, which is the buzzer and the LED panel. This CN53 is the sensor if the door is open or not, the door trigger. In the back of the motherboard, you get a connection 41, 42, and 43. 41 and 42, they are connected to the printhead, one cable for each side. Then 43 is for the reading of the ink chip level. This long thin cable is for the star wheels or called pizza wheels, which has the following sensor, PS sensor equals CN45. This wireless card connects to CN9. By the way, the power goes into CN51. That's why you see so many capacitors and inductors near it.

Connection 44 will run a long cable connected to a relay card and goes to your maintenance box. This CN5 goes to your fax module, and then CN52 goes to the infamous PE module. The PE sensor is where the fake paper jams come from. The CN51 is for the paper feed, PF encoder. The CN55, the black one, is for detecting the first cassette and see if the tray is inserted or not. The down below 56 is catching the second tray. CN30 goes to the motor that moves the printhead around the CR motor. CR54 goes to the pickup encoder. That's connected to the motor that is pick up the paper and spin it to the upper deck, and this CN34 powers the motor card. The CN31 goes to the PF motor, the page feed motor.

Okay, I can't believe I made it under five minutes. I hope this is a useful reference for your project. I'm going to go a little bit deeper in the next few videos. I'm going to dig inside their encoder, including how to program encoders. Eventually, you can make a DDG or any printer you want.

Jan 5th 2021

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