Master Data: Compare Multiple 3D Resin Strength - Compression Stress at Breaking

  • Master Data: Compare Multiple 3D Resin Strength - Compression Stress at Breaking
  • Master Data: Compare Multiple 3D Resin Strength - Compression Stress at Breaking
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Compression Strength at Breaking

If you're in the 3D printing industry and want to make sure your resin-based prints are strong and durable, our product can help. We've conducted compression strength tests on various 3D resin materials, and our downloadable data provides insights into their strength. This data can help you choose the right resin for your specific application and improve the quality of your 3D printed parts and products.

Current Result

A visual depiction of the data is available in this graph. You have the option to download each data point in an Excel csv file. The brand and models have been cropped out, but the graph provides an idea of the data you will receive. The price is USD per 1,000 ml and the strength is measured as compression strength (kgf) at breaking. This graph is updated every time new data is uploaded.

Downloadable Data

Below are the key points of our compression strength measurements (kgf) for 3D resin:

  • We conducted compression strength at breaking point for cured resin
  • All resin are cured for 30 minutes
  • Most tests are 60 samples, except AnyCubic ABS-Like+

Tested Brands & Models

Our tests involved curing resin for 30 minutes and measuring compression strength at the breaking point. Most tests included 60 samples, except for AnyCubic ABS-Like+. Prices are USD per Kg when we purchased it, rouded to $5 increment.

Model Info Manufactured  Price 
3DMaterials SuperPP Korea  $    40.00
Anycubic ABS-Like Pro China  $    40.00
Anycubic Standard Resin China  $    30.00
AnyCubic Upgraded ABS-Like Resin+ China  $    30.00
Anycubic UV Tough China  $    45.00
Dr.3D ABS-Like Resin China  $    30.00
FlashForge Standard China  $    25.00
FormA($40) n/a Lab Test  $    40.00
iFun ABS-Like if3129 China $40
Liqcreate Strong-X Netherland  $  175.00
Photocentric High Tensile UK  $    75.00
Phrozen ABS-Like Matte Taiwan  $    40.00
RESIONE Tough 3D Printer Resin China  $    65.00
Voxelab Sandard Resin China  $    20.00
Weistek Standard Resin China  $    30.00

Testing Method

Most resin do not publish their compression breaking strength. They use tensile modulus instead, which is defined as the ratio of its tensile stress (force per unit area) to its strain (relative deformation) when undergoing elastic deformation. However, we are more interested in the "point of failure", which is the measures the maximum stress a specimen can withstand before breaking. Please notice the tensile modulus is much different than the tensile strength at breaking. For example, here is data from Phrozen ABS-Like resin:

  • Tensile Stress at Break: 10 MPa
  • Tensile modulus: 116 MPa

We compared our results to some published data from manufacturers and found that our measurements were reliable and accurate. For example, we tested Phrozen ABS-Like resin and found that our measurement of 94.7 kgf (9.28 Mpa) was very close to the manufacturer's specification of 10 MPa.


Here are some additional details about the testing methodology:

  • The strength test unit used was kgf (1 Mpa = 10.19 kgf).
  • The samples used in the tests were square-shaped, measuring 20 mm by 200 mm, with a thickness of 1 mm.
  • We conducted the tests using a digital push-pull meter.
  • For more information about the testing setup, please refer to the video provided below.


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