Where is the "F1" fuse on my Epson mainboard?

If you have problems finding the F1 fuse on your EcoTank's mainboard, you are not alone. First of all, let me emphasize that the F fuse doesn't control if a mainboard powers up or not. If your mainboard is not powering up, it is more likely caused by blown transistors. Check out this video about how to fix the transistor/MOSFET.

The two transistors can be seen below, and the replacement can be found here (click).

If your F fuse is blown, the printer will print. But the output is blank. Of course, if your printhead is clogged, it will have the same symptom. Therefore, you need to troubleshoot the printhead and use a multimeter to test if the fuse is blown. For replacement, you can find them (click here). 

Some models have the fuse marked as F1, F2, F3, so it's easy to find on the main board.  For example:

F1 Fuse on CD86 MAIN for Epson ET-2650

Okay, here is where the fuse is.  Hint: Epson doesn't call all of them F1 anymore.  It is F201 or F301 for some models.

F1 Fuse on CD77 MAIN for Epson WF-2750

F2, F3 Fuse on CD36 MAIN for Epson WF-7720 and WF-7710

F1 Fuse on CC97 MAIN board for WF-7610 and WF-7620

Aug 11th 2021

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