Turn Off Ink Chip for HP Printer with LED Panel Made after 2016

This article is meant as an accompaniment to the final part of a three-part video series I posted on my YouTube channel a while back. You can view said video by clicking here. This series covered everything you need to know about modifying an HP twin-chamber cartridge. You can watch a video containing all the parts of this series by clicking here.

After we modified, refilled, and reinstalled the cartridges in part two of the series, we kept printing with these cartridges without turning the ink tracking chip off. After a while, we reached the page limit and received a pop-up saying, “The contents of the original HP cartridge have been depleted…” etc. If you get this message, just hit OK and let the printer get back to work.

Cartridge Status

If you’re watching along with the video, you’ll see that the status of the black cartridge is now listed as “unknown,” whereas the magenta, yellow, and cyan cartridges were all listed as 10% full.

Next, we need to turn off the chip info. To do this:

  • Go to the settings menu on your printer.
  • Once you’re there, click on preferences and scroll until you see the option “store anonymous usage information .”
  • Go ahead and switch that to the off position.

Before we turned off the chip info, the printer thought the black cartridge was empty, and each color was at 10%. What happens if we keep printing without allowing the printer to check the ink levels? So far, we have printed around 350 pages. While printing some more, the magenta cartridge became clogged. I resolved this issue by running HP’s built-in cartridge cleaning function twice.

We printed over 200 more pages (for a total of 557 pages with these cartridges), and the printer still thought the ink levels were the same as they had been. You should be able to keep refilling and reusing these cartridges for quite a while now. Make sure you keep an eye on the print quality, so you know when they need to be refilled, and don’t neglect to do so when required.

Jan 24th 2023

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