Troubleshooting Printhead Carriage and Squeegee Issues on Epson 1390 DTF Printers

Question: I'm having issues with my Epson 1390 DTF printer. After replacing the printhead and motherboard, the printhead carriage moves rapidly from one side to the other, slamming into the sides, and the squeegee for the printhead is stuck and won't move back in place. The encoder strip looks fine, and I recently installed a new cable. How can I fix this?

Thank you for contacting us at BCH Technologies. We are grateful for your engagement and support, particularly with our YouTube channel (BCH Technologies). Your feedback is crucial in further developing our technical expertise. Let's address the issue with your Epson 1390 DTF printer.

First, it's great that you've already checked the encoder strip and ensured it is installed correctly in the encoder reader. The next step is to verify whether the encoder information is being passed to the mainboard. Here's a detailed troubleshooting approach:

  1. Check the FFC Cable: Ensure the FFC cable (the "other" cable besides the printhead's FFC cable) is correctly connected to the mainboard. This FFC cable should be plugged into connection CN14 on the mainboard. A loose or improperly connected FFC cable can cause the printhead carriage to move erratically.
  2. Inspect the Printhead Squeegee: As you mentioned, the squeegee for the printhead is stuck in the up position. This squeegee should be folded down into the capping station. Manually move the squeegee towards you to fold it into place. If the squeegee remains up, it can obstruct the printhead's movement, causing it to slam into the sides.
  3. Examine the Encoder Strip: Double-check that the encoder strip is clean and properly seated in the encoder reader. Even a small misalignment or speck of dirt can cause the printer to misread the carriage position, leading to erratic movements.
  4. Firmware and Software: Ensure that your printer’s firmware is up to date and that all software components are correctly installed. Outdated firmware or software issues can sometimes cause operational problems.

Addressing printer issues can be a complicated affair due to the hands-on nature of the problems. So, we're not able to provide remote troubleshooting, suggestions, or support for printer repairs. We offer an in-person evaluation and repair service via our local diagnostic facility. Given the high demand, we operate on a first-come, first-served basis. So, it might take a few weeks before we can get your printer to drop it off or mail it to us. Our services are structured to repair either a whole printer or specific parts, with clear instructions on how to proceed if you opt for mail-in or local drop-off services. However, we acknowledge that our rates aren't the most economical. Thus, we highly recommend that you resort to self-help via online research. You can start by checking out YouTube or visiting our YouTube channel's homepage. Look for specific videos using the search icon next to "About" on the right-hand side of the menu bar. I receive dozens of queries every day asking about videos for specific topics. Having created videos over the past nine years, it's challenging to remember every single one. Therefore, using YouTube's search function would be most efficient. Plus, YouTube might suggest relevant videos from other channels that could assist you.

Thank you once again for reaching out. We appreciate your support and are here to help with any further issues you may encounter.

Jun 10th 2024 Kevin Day

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