Solving HP Officejet H470 Refilled Cartridge Recognition Issues: Insights from BCH Technologies

Q: I've been successfully refilling my HP original cartridges for my HP Officejet H470, but now the printer shows them as empty despite being full. How can I reset the empty cartridge alert so I can continue printing?

A: First off, thank you for reaching out and for your support of BCH Technologies, especially our YouTube channel BCH Technologies YouTube. Your engagement is invaluable in enhancing our technical expertise and community outreach.

Regarding your HP Officejet H470 and the issue with it indicating refilled cartridges as empty, this is a common scenario due to how the printer estimates ink levels. The printer uses a counter to track the number of pages printed per cartridge and calculates an "estimated ink level," which doesn't necessarily reflect the actual ink volume in the cartridge. This is why after refilling, your cartridges might still be reported as empty.

One workaround for this is understanding that the printer has a limited memory for cartridge serial numbers — some models remember three, while others remember up to five. By rotating between a few sets of cartridges, you can essentially reset the printer's memory, tricking it into seeing the cartridges as full again. Despite what the estimated ink level shows, this doesn't hinder your ability to print. Simply continue printing as normal, even if warning messages appear.

Speaking of warnings, it's common for HP printers, including the Officejet H470, to display messages about "non-genuine or counterfeit cartridges" especially when the estimated ink level falls below 40%. We've addressed these alerts in detail, providing clear steps on how to manage them in our article on handling the HP Printer Error for Used or Counterfeit Cartridges.

Addressing printer issues can indeed be intricate, as the solution often depends on the specific problem at hand. Whether it's a simple clog that requires unclogging steps, or a more comprehensive service for the ink system after prolonged downtime, the approach varies. The common "paper jam" error alone can have countless causes, highlighting the unpredictable nature of printer troubleshooting.

For hands-on support, BCH Technologies offers an in-person evaluation and repair service through our local diagnostic facility. Due to high demand, we operate on a first-come, first-served basis. For details on mail-in or local drop-off services, visit our Printer Repair Service page. While we aim to provide the best service possible, we encourage you to explore self-help options for immediate solutions, including our comprehensive video guides on the BCH Technologies YouTube channel.

We thank you again for your support and hope this response helps you overcome the cartridge recognition issue with your HP Officejet H470. If you have further questions or need additional assistance, don't hesitate to reach out.

Apr 2nd 2024 Kevin Day

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