Solutions for Printhead Maintenance and Printer Troubleshooting

Question: I ordered your TMS Printhead maintenance system hoping it would unclog my Printhead. I took it apart and used cleaner and a jewelry cleaning machine to break apart the ink. I didn’t realize I needed to wait 24 hours before attempting another head clean. I did a nozzle check and initially got black and yellow, but now only yellow. A test print showed white, yellow, and black working, but black doesn’t show on the nozzle printout, and there’s no cyan or magenta.I’m unsure if I’ve ruined the Printhead but haven’t given up yet. Any advice would be appreciated! Also, my capping station was spitting waste. It seems to have stopped, but I’m not getting any waste ink as I can't print. I put cleaner in but can’t pull it out. 

Answer: Thank you for contacting us! We at BCH Technologies are grateful for your engagement and support, particularly with regard to our YouTube channel. Your feedback plays a crucial role in further developing our technical expertise.

Understanding Printhead Issues and Solutions

  1. Using an Ultrasonic Cleaner: Using a jewelry cleaning machine, likely an ultrasonic cleaner, can indeed be problematic. We've demonstrated in our videos that low-frequency (47 kHz) ultrasonic cleaners are suitable for selected HP and Canon printheads but not for Epson printheads, especially those made after 2010. These Epson printheads can be damaged by regular ultrasonic cleaners, causing issues such as no color appearing or one color appearing in another's channel, indicating that the membrane between ink channels is broken.

    High-frequency, low-power ultrasonic machines are safer but typically used in scientific fields and are costly, ranging from two to five thousand dollars. Therefore, if your printhead is an Epson, the ultrasonic cleaner might have damaged the membrane, potentially ruining the Printhead.

  2. Using the TMS System for Cleaning: The TMS system is designed to clean by sucking from the capping station, which is safer for printheads. Here's how to use it effectively:
    • Park the printhead on the capping station.
    • Turn on the TMS system for 10 to 20 seconds initially, then gradually increase the sucking time if the result is less than desirable.
    • After each session, use the printer's built-in function for regular cleaning. If your Epson model has a Power Cleaning function, note that Epson recommends an interval of at least 12 hours between each Power Cleaning session to avoid damage.

Another key function of the TMS system is its capability to clean the capping station. Often, printhead clogs begin with a less effective capping station filled with dried waste ink. By using the TMS system to suck and clean the waste tubes and peristaltic pump, you restore the printer's ability to clean itself effectively. For a detailed demonstration, you can watch the video on the TMS System page.

Addressing printer issues can be complicated due to the hands-on nature of the problems. Thus, we're unable to provide remote troubleshooting, suggestions, or support for printer repairs. We offer an in-person evaluation and repair service via our local diagnostic facility BCH Technologies. Given the high demand, we operate on a first-come, first-served basis, which may result in a few weeks' wait before we can get to your printer. Our services are structured to repair either a whole printer or specific parts, with clear instructions on how to proceed if you opt for mail-in or local drop-off services.

However, we acknowledge that our rates aren't the most economical. Therefore, we highly recommend resorting to self-help via online research. You can start by checking out YouTube or visiting our YouTube channel's homepage. Use the search icon next to "About" on the right-hand side of the menu bar to look for specific videos. We've created numerous videos over the past nine years, and using YouTube's search function is the most efficient way to find relevant content. Plus, YouTube might suggest other helpful videos from different channels.

Thank you again for reaching out! We appreciate your continued support and engagement.

Jun 11th 2024 Kevin Day

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