How to put Epson's "little white" unit back after it falls out.

Sometimes you beat a printer so hard that a little white piece comes out. You know where this comes from, but you don't know how to put it back. This small piece is the lever for the Paper Eject (PE) sensor. It drops down in between the PE sensor, so the PE sensor will know there's no paper. When you have a paper fed into the printer, it'll push this lever, so the PE sensor will know there's a lot of paper. It goes into this assembly with a screw, and this lever goes into this assembly. Some say you can do without this lever, but I'm shocked to hear that. It's unconfirmed. Also, somebody tells you to install with a tweezer, and I cannot see how physically you can do it.

The first thing you do is take the scanner off. I'm going to post a link above to show you how to do that, so I don't have to repeat myself. Now we need to take the cover off. I'm going to put the link above again, and that's how you'll take the lid off. However, the direction is for 3640. It's almost the same as the 7720 and 7710 or 7610. Those are just a little bit wider.

Now you can see a clearer view of the back, and we're going to remove those springs. You can use a paperclip and make yourself a jig, and you can take the spring out. The bottom spring fits in that little bit of white plastic. There's no notch or anything. It's pretty for you to lose one and easy to install and reinstall one too. Anyway, you're going to lose one eventually, so let me show you where to get them.

Go to Let me think about what we're looking for. We need springs, so go to printer parts, Epson, and springs, and it will come with a set of five. These springs are for front page guard, and if you need a front page guard, go to printer parts, paper feed, and there's a direction which each one called. We're looking for a paper guide upper assembly. On the right, you can see there's a filter, so paper guide upper assembly, and you can get this part. What if your letter lever is broken? You go to printer parts, Epson, go to paper feed, and go to paper eject, and here's an eject sensor and the lever. Again for 7720, 7710, and 7760, it's the same lever and the same sensor. You can use those.

On the top, there are three holes. There's a screw go through the middle hole, which secures the lever. The other two holes are for the lever to guide the hole down the metal part. Those tabs secure the paper guard. Each segment has two tabs against each other, so you can use a screwdriver, push them apart, and that guard will fall out. Now is the time to remove that screw on the top. Use a Philips screw, size one. Now you can slide the whole thing out. By the way, if you need to replace those black rollers, they pop out and pop in, so this is the way to replace those two.

Okay, to put it in, you hold it like a pistol. The shape looks like a pistol. Hold it like this, and then insert it. See, two nipples on each side that screw the hole on the top of that metal plate. In the middle is the spot for the screw. Those long levers are annoying. They should fall back when you insert it, and when you put it in, you don't need to pay attention to it. It will automatically just fall back. You can just put the page guard flat and don't pay attention to anything other than guide the screw into the middle hole. Do not tighten the screw. You need to put the page guard in and then adjust the position of the nipples.

Now we push up each segment of the page guard. You should hear a click. Just don't push it too hard, so you'll break the tabs. Adjust the position a little bit. Make sure the nipples go through the hole, and then you can tighten that screw. Make sure every segment is in, and everything lays flat, then tap the back and make sure they all lift and come down evenly. Make sure those two things are free, and remember that long lever. This one rests on the notch of that long lever. Here's that little guy that caused all the troubles. Use that small hook you made, fish it through the bottom, and then lift it and attach the top.

Dec 30th 2020

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