How to Identify and Repair Your Screen Printing Press: A Comprehensive Guide

When purchasing a second-hand screen printing press, it's essential to identify the brand and model to ensure you can source replacement parts and maintain its functionality. This guide provides detailed steps on how to identify your press, locate missing parts, and replace faulty components, with a focus on a National stand with a Lawson top.

Identifying Your Screen Printing Press

When examining a screen printing press, look for any identifying marks or labels. In this case, the press in question has "National" stamped on the stand and "Lawson" on the top.

Steps to Identify Your Press:

  1. Inspect the Base and Stand: Look for brand names or model numbers. Here, "National" was found on the stand.
  2. Examine the Top and Components: Check the top section and any removable parts. The top of this press was identified as "Lawson."
  3. Cross-Reference with Online Resources: Use online forums, manufacturer websites, or contact industry experts to verify the components.

Finding Replacement Parts

If your screen printing press is missing parts or requires replacements, it’s crucial to source these components from reliable vendors.

Steps to Source Replacement Parts:

  1. Identify the Missing Components: In this example, a screen holder and pistons were missing.
  2. Search Preferred Vendor Lists: Many industry websites and forums list preferred vendors. For instance, Lawson's parts are often available through their official site or authorized dealers.
  3. Contact Manufacturers Directly: Reach out to Lawson or National for specific parts. They typically provide support for identifying and purchasing the correct items.

Replacing Pistons and Screen Holders

Replacing pistons and screen holders is a common maintenance task for screen printing presses. Follow these steps to ensure a successful repair.

Steps to Replace Pistons and Screen Holders:

  1. Acquire the Correct Parts: Ensure you have the exact match for your press model. For Lawson presses, this may involve purchasing directly from their recommended suppliers.
  2. Prepare the Press: Safely disassemble any necessary sections of the press to access the pistons and screen holders.
  3. Install the New Components: Follow the manufacturer’s guidelines for installation. This often involves securing the new pistons and screen holders in place and testing for proper functionality.
  4. Test the Press: Once installed, run a few test cycles to ensure everything is working correctly.

Additional Tips and Resources

Maintaining a screen printing press involves regular checks and timely replacements of worn-out parts. Here are a few additional tips:

  • Regular Maintenance: Schedule periodic maintenance to keep the press in optimal condition.
  • Join Industry Forums: Online forums and communities can provide valuable insights and recommendations.
  • Follow Tutorials: Many manufacturers and industry experts offer video tutorials and guides for specific repairs.

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May 24th 2024 Jee Comendador

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