How to Fix Canon Pixma TS3420 Error Code P09

How can I resolve the error code P09 on my Canon Pixma TS3420 after recently refilling my Canon cartridge PG-243? The machine is non-functioning. Thanks.


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According to Canon, the P09 error code is a fatal printer error. Here are the steps you can follow to address this issue:

  1. Turn off the printer and unplug it.
  2. Plug in the printer again and turn it back on.

Sometimes, you can override the error. When the error appears, press and hold the reset button (an upside-down triangle) for more than 5 seconds. This signals to the printer that you are aware of the error and want to continue printing despite it. However, this method typically works with error codes starting with E and rarely works for P codes.

If this does not solve the problem, you may need to contact your nearest Canon service center to request a repair. However, if you prefer to troubleshoot the problem yourself, you'll need to find the true error code behind the P09 error.

Canon has a software tool called the Canon Service Tool that can help with this. It may or may not support your specific printer model, so it’s important to confirm compatibility before purchasing. You can find the Canon Service Tool on eBay by searching for its name. Make sure to confirm with the seller that the tool will support your Canon Pixma TS3420. Once you have the tool, you can access the real error code and determine the underlying issue.

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Thank you again for reaching out to us. We appreciate your support and hope this information helps you resolve the P09 error on your Canon Pixma TS3420.

May 24th 2024 Kevin Day

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