FFC Cable Replacement in Epson EcoTank ET-8550 Printers

Welcome to this insightful piece where we'll dive into the intricate process of replacing the FFC cable for the Epson ET-8550 printer. Brought to you by BCH Technologies, this guide is geared towards assisting you when faced with a burned mainboard, often accompanied by a damaged FFC cable and printhead.

Removing the Side Panels

Let's kick things off by tackling the side panels. To expose the Epson 8550 printer's interior, you will need to remove three screws—one on the top at the back, and two on the base at the bottom in the back. With these screws undone, you can lift off the scanner and the grey cover. Be sure to pay special attention to the blue tab where there's an additional screw securing the side panel.

Accessing the Front Panel

The next step involves disassembling the front panel. Begin on the side where the main board is located and disconnect the white cable, the white black and grey cable, and the two FFC cables. Once you confirm the front panel is free, move to the other side of the printer. Here, focus on the metal grey box, removing its securing screw.

Removing the Front Panel

Upon taking care of the side panels, your focus should turn to the front panel. Remove two screws from the top of the printer holding down the front panel. Then, flip the printer onto its back to reveal a tab located under the printer's ink area. Push this tab inwards and pry off the front panel. This might require a bit of patience, but with care, you'll successfully remove the front panel.

Gaining Access to the FFC Cables

Now, the black plastic cover must come off to reveal the FFC cables. Remove three visible screws along with an extra one hidden under a little trap door. With these screws undone, lift off the black piece, exposing the FFC cables. To ensure clarity and organization, we recommend labeling your FFC cables for easy reassembly.

Removing the FFC Cables

Extracting the FFC cables may seem tricky, but it's quite simple if you're patient. Notably, the cables come with double-sided tape, and to ease them out of their hole, folding them in half along their existing crease does the trick. Also, remember to pay special attention to the plastic piece holding the third FFC cable—you don't want to pull this out.

Replacing the FFC Cables

As a final step in this tutorial, you'll replace the burned FFC cables with new ones. Keep your labels handy as they will guide you in reconnecting the cables correctly. Just remember to follow your steps in reverse order, ensuring each cable finds its rightful position.

We trust you've found this guide helpful. As you've seen, the process is fairly straightforward and perfectly doable by any printer owner armed with patience and a bit of know-how. And remember, our video guide below further illustrates each step for those who prefer visual instructions.

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Jun 5th 2023 Kevin Day

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