Epson NOT Found NOT Recognized & NOT Accepting Print Command

Today we will be looking at a scenario in which your Epson printer cannot be found or recognized when hooked up to your computer, and it won’t seem to accept any printing commands. In this scenario, it may seem that the USB port on one or both devices is dead. You may also find that nothing happens when you plug your printer into your computer using the USB connection.

The USB port may not be the issue here. In fact, it may be completely fine. I’ve found that the most common cause of this issue is actually one of the settings on the printer’s side. This setting, for whatever reason, is causing an overwrite function preventing the two devices from connecting.

Check the Settings Menu

The solution to this problem isn’t too complicated. Go to your printer’s display panel, find the “settings” option, and click okay. Click the button with the right-facing arrow so that you’re no longer hovering on the “escape maintenance” option.

What you want to find are the printer settings. Click okay on that, and then keep hitting the button with the right-facing arrow until you see the “PC connection through USB” option. Click okay on that one, and you should see two options: either you can leave the function disabled or press the down arrow and click okay on the “enable” option.

After telling the printer to enable the USB connection between the printer and your computer, it should automatically restart itself. That’s a good sign. After it’s done booting up again, that should have solved your problem, and you should be ready to go.

Thanks for reading! For more DIY printer tips and tricks, follow me on YouTube at Kevin at BCH. You can see a visual walkthrough of the process here. Happy printing!

Jul 27th 2022

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