Demystifying the Mainboard of L-1800: Insider Secrets Revealed

Section 1: Understanding the Mainboard

Welcome to a deep dive into the intricate workings of the L-1800 mainboard, curated by none other than Kevin from BCH Technologies. This investigation is centered around the mainboards that have been inspected, refurbished, and now are primed to hit the market.

One of the most telling signs of a refurbished mainboard is the absence of Epson stickers on either side. This signifies that the board was initially housed within a printer and then later extracted.

Section 2: Identifying the Board's Origin

Every board has a story to tell and often its history is coded into its connectors. For instance, CN22 is one connector that can provide insight into the board's past. If you find CN22 lacking a socket, that's a telltale sign that the board was from an L-1800 printer. If you were to run your finger across it, you would find it smooth, indicative of its origin.

However, boards are frequently reprogrammed and repurposed. Sometimes, you might encounter boards that were originally from other models such as the 1430 or the 4000. These have a CN22 connector that has been fitted previously, signaling that the board has been repurposed and reprogrammed for L-1800.

Section 3: Distinguishing Reprogrammed Boards

Reprogrammed boards have subtle clues that reveal their history. For instance, upon close inspection, you might notice that the chip at the corner has been re-soldered and the two pins are silver. An original L-1800 chip, on the other hand, boasts four distinctive brass corners.

Reprogrammed boards often undergo custom repairs. For instance, the connector may be cut off and if you feel it, you might notice remnants of the old legs still present. Yet, despite these modifications, as long as these boards pass our stringent tests, they're deemed suitable for use.

Section 4: Classifying the Boards

At BCH Technologies, we classify these mainboards into two grades: Grade A and Grade B. While Grade B includes both reprogrammed boards and original L-1800 boards that were formerly housed inside a printer, the Grade A category is a notch above. All the boards, irrespective of the grade, pass rigorous testing and receive a BCH sticker, our seal of approval.

Section 5: The Allure of Grade A Boards

Grade A boards originate from the Epson distributor's shop and are typically employed to repair other L-1800 printers. Our sources are trusted, with relationships that have been nurtured over a dozen years, assuring the utmost quality. However, each board still goes through comprehensive testing before earning the BCH sticker.

These Grade A boards stand out with a fresh PCB board, a pristine chip, and the Epson genuine parts sticker, which authenticates its status as a replacement part. Moreover, the immaculate condition of CN22 is a hallmark of a Grade A board, affirming its superiority.

Section 6: Making the Right Choice

Understanding the origins and classifications of these mainboards should guide you in selecting the right mainboard for your L-1800 printer. Be aware that not all boards advertised as new on websites like eBay or Amazon are genuinely new. But armed with this knowledge, you can make informed choices. For quality and assurance, BCH Technologies is your go-to destination.

As you navigate the process, we recommend watching our video below, which visually demonstrates how to discern between the boards. Whether you visit us online at or in-person at Greensboro, North Carolina, we promise to provide you with only the best.

Jun 5th 2023 Kevin Day

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