CLI-42 "EU ONLY" Cartridges: Understanding Compatibility and Region-Specific Labeling

Are you wondering about the compatibility of CLI-42 cartridges labeled as "EU ONLY" with your Pro-100 printer? This conversation sheds light on the topic, providing insights into the universality of CLI-42 cartridge chips and dispelling concerns about region-specific compatibility.

Universal Cartridge Chips

The CLI-42 cartridge chips are confirmed to be universal and not region-specific, as affirmed in the conversation. This means that irrespective of the labeling indicating "EU ONLY," these cartridges can indeed be used with the Pro-100 printer regardless of your location.

Discarding and Environmental Regulations

Some speculation arose regarding the significance of the "EU ONLY" labeling. Suggestions were made about potential reasons such as tax, customs, trade regulations, or environmental concerns. However, it's crucial to note that these cartridges are identical in functionality regardless of the labeling. The conversation points towards stricter environmental regulations in the EU, potentially leading to such labeling practices.

Resetting Cartridge Chips

An efficient method suggested in the conversation to verify compatibility is to reset the chip on one of the cartridges. This quick action can provide clarity without the need for discarding potentially usable cartridges.

Identifying EU Cartridges

While discussing the matter, reference was made to the presence of a waste symbol and the Canon Europe N.V. marking on the CLI-526 cartridge. This suggests that the labeling practice might have been introduced sometime between the CLI-521 and CLI-526 cartridges. However, it's important to emphasize that the functionality of the cartridges remains unchanged despite regional labeling.

Practical Experience

A participant in the conversation shared their experience of using an "EU" labeled cartridge from a refilled set with PC SE inks, confirming its functionality with the Pro-100 printer. This firsthand account reaffirms that the labeling does not hinder the cartridge's performance.

The CLI-42 cartridges labeled as "EU ONLY" are indeed compatible with the Pro-100 printer, regardless of the region in which they are used. The labeling primarily serves regulatory or environmental purposes and does not affect the cartridges' functionality. For those who encounter similar queries or seek further technical insights, resources such as our YouTube Channel, Tech Blog, or local support in Greensboro, North Carolina, can provide valuable information and assistance.

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Feb 12th 2024 Jee Comendador

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