3 Foolproof Tips to Change Chips or Re-Arrange Color Sequences for Epson Printer's CIS

To re-arrange the color sequence for your CIS system, the only 2 things you need is a flat-headed screwdriver and a little patience.  You can watch the YouTube video above, or read on:

You will need a small flat-headed screwdriver

  • Step 1.  Use the screwdriver, and pry out the tube clip cover            
  • Step 2.  Sliding the screwdriver underneath the clip, gently pry out the cartridge clip. Try not to damage the clip.
  • Step 3.  Push screwdriver in between the chip holders and cartridge. Pry out the chip holder.
  • Step 4.  Install the cartridge on the right side of the reset button (If equipped).
  • Step 5.  Then press down the bottom of the cartridge to secure the chip holder to the cartridge.
  • Step 6.  Install the remaining cartridges in the order that your printer is in.
  • Step 7.  Install the cartridge clip, and your CIS is ready for installation.
Sep 20th 2017 BCH Technologies

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