Workflow Sheet for Epson L805 CE86 MAIN Mainboard Wiring & Signal Controller / Controler Board v1.5

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To connect all wires (including FFC cables) on the mainboard CE86 MAIN in L805 printers, we have created a workflow sheet that outlines the necessary connection. By following this document, you can easily put the cables back in their proper places and eliminate any confusion.

Guides Included:

  • 1x PDF File
  • 1x MP4 Video

Topics Covered:

1. CE86 MAIN board with wiring connection, wire color, pin numbers

2. Detailed pictures with components, and how to short some of the pins for DTF print

3. Video of wiring with tips (187 MB in MP4 format)

4. We address the connection for printers that has v1.5 Signal Controller Board, used by Procolored Panda and other brand. This material is a bonus. We are not responsible if you have a different board.

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