Waste Ink Collection Tank for Epson 1400 1410 1430 1500W (AS-EP-WASTE)

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In Beta Testing

This waste collection tank will extend Epson printer's lifetime by diverting waste ink into external tanks, instead of going to waste ink pad.  When the ink pad is full, you will get an error "A part inside your printer is at the end of its service life".

If you do not have this error, go ahead and install this tank.  However, if your printer is already at an error stage, go to this page and have it resolved: Click Here

Package include:

1 x Waste Ink Collection Tank with Plug

1 x Ink Tube

1 x Tube Connector (for larger diameter tubes)

1 x Cable Tie


Installation for 1430, 1500W

Installation for 1400, 1410:

Unplug the power and USB cables before installation.

Step 1. Turn the back of the printer towards you, unscrew the cover on the left of the printer (right side if you are facing the front).

Step 2. Pry and lift the cover.  The cover should pop free with little force and relatively easy to remove.  

Step 3. Once removed, a tube assembly and white pump station can be seen.

Step 4. Slide the clamp upward and separate the large tube from the small tube.  The large tube should have a red line on it.

Step 5. Use the black connector to connect the large tube to the clear tubing provided.

Step 6. Remove the large plug from collection tank and put the clear tubing inside.  Put the collection tank below or aside the printer

Step 7. Checking the waste ink level in the collection tank periodically.  Use included syringe and needle to remove waste ink when necessary.


Package Content:

1 x Waste Collection Tank

1 x Rubber Plug

1 x Tube Connector

1x Clear Tubing




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