USED & TESTED BLACK Canon PG-243 or PG-245 Cartridge

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USED Canon PG-243 or PG-245 Black Cartridge

These are USED & EMPTY cartridges and NOT RETURNABLE.

These are the starter or standard cartridges (non-XL).  However, if we have XL on hand, we will use XL.

You can save a few dollars by searching "Empty Canon xxx Cartridge" on eBay.  The cartridge should average about $5-6.  

We will do a refill.  However, it is not a full refill so the ink will not leak during transportation. 

Once you receive it, the cartridge is ready to go and you don't need to refill it.  Please start using it within two weeks.


  eBay  Ours
Condition Used Used
Electronics Unknown In Working Condition
Nozzles Dirty Cleaned, unclogged, conditioned.  A test print will be provided.
Cartridge Condition Dry  We will do a partial refill to keep the cartridge wet.  It is not full refill so the ink will not spill during transportation.
Print Quality Unknown We will pick the cartridge that is 95%- 100% of the quality of a new one.
Ink Level Unknown Low or empty.  Then, you need to turn off the chip so the refilled cartridge can print forever.
Returns Accepted No No.  However, we will provide a test print.


What we will do:

  • Test the cartridge and make sure it can print
  • Clean and unclog the nozzle.  Remove debris and dried ink.
  • Drill refill holes and partially refill the cartridge
  • Test the refilled cartridge and make sure it is 95%-100% of a new OEM.
  • Apply special conditioner to the printhead so it won't dry during storage and transportation
  • Pack the cartridge professionally.
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