Unclogging /Flushing Syringe Tool for Epson Printhead with Nipples - Tight Fit Guranteed

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If your printhead has "nipples" (see picture), IT WILL FIT.

  • 10 ml syringe with tubing for unclogging Epson printers
  • Easy and simple unclogging procedure
  • It's simple: just a syringe with a tube.  However, our tubes are tested to fit tightly for Epson' ink intake.

We guarantee a tight fit for all Epson printers have "needle" (aka, nipple) ink intake (see below for example).  Most of Epson are this kind.  The other kind is a big filter square, and you won't mistake it with the needle type.


1. Use the printer's built-in function to clean the printhead twice, then wait two hours and clean it twice again. If the problem persists, then we will need to use this tool.
2. Fill the syringe with water, ink (same ink as used in the cartridge), ink base, or cleaning solutions.
3. Power off the printer using the On button. As soon as the cartridge moves, cut the power off. In this way, the cartridge is not locked and can move freely inside the printer.
4. Tri-fold a paper towel and put in the middle of the printer and move the cartridge on top of it.
5. Insert the tube on the ink intake pin and push 5 ml of fluid through the printhead. You should feel the resistance similar to fill a water balloon, maybe twice as hard. However, do not push extremely hard so it may damage the internal structure of the printhead. Gradually push the fluid and do not let the fluid leak on the printhead platform.
6. Because the printhead is filled with cleaning fluid, you will need to run some built-in cleaning functions afterward. Do not exceed two cleaning cycles per two hours.
7. If the printhead is still clogged, we will need to seek professional help, such as steaming and ultrasonic cleaning (not for all printheads).

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