[Refer] Edible Ink Cartridge for Canon PGI-280 PGBK with F10620 Ink

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These cartridges use our F10620 ink.  If you are interested buying from their website, you can visit: [LINK HERE].  Otherwise, you can make an order here and we will forward it.

Package content:

  • 1 PGI-280 Black Edible Ink Cartridge

Product Details:

  • For printing on icing sheets, sugar papers, frosting sheets, edible papers or waffer papers.
  • Formula F10620 is designed to have enhanced contrast.  It is ideal to be used with sheets that are a little off-white, so the ink will auto correct the color drift and bring a neutral and brilliant print.
  • Manufactured by 9Pin Food Co., Ltd. (FDA Registered Food Supplier)
  • Volume: XXL


Cartridge can be refilled.  Refill instruction will be provided upon purchase.


Canon Pixma TR8520, TS8320, TS8120, TR7520, TS6120, TS9120, TS8220, TS6220, TS9100, TS9520, TS6320, TS9521C, TS702, TR8500, TR7500 Printer

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