Printhead for Epson EcoTank ET-27xx Series: ET-2700, T-2720, ET-2750, ET2770 NO RETURN

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  • Printhead removed from Epson printers.

Please take note: This product is strictly NON-RETURNABLE, NON-REFUNDABLE, NON-EXCHANGEABLE, NON-REPLACEABLE, and subject to OTHER CONDITIONS WHATSOEVER that we see fit. By purchasing this product, you assume full ownership of it. We take pride in our testing procedures and stand behind our judgement.

The following is an example of a customer who requested a replacement after purchasing our product and our response. It was made explicitly clear to the customer at the time of purchase that there would be NO RETURNS or REFUNDS. However, the customer sought assistance from a repair shop, which diagnosed our printhead as defective, and requested a replacement from us. In light of these circumstances, we remain firm in our policy of providing NO + ANY English word on earth that we see fit.

Customer email: I ordered a Printer Head and had my computer repair company install it for a ET2700 series printer; I was informed by computer repair company on Friday, February 17, 2023 the Printer Head is DEFECTIVE; I'm now spending extra money for them to install a Printer Head, BCH Printer Head was "suppose" to be "TESTED". I REQUEST a REPLACEMENT since there is NO REFUND! This is the First Time I have EVER ordered from your Company. I can not write a "positive" review. I have called and left a message and email the support from no response. My email address is ***

Our reply: Given that the printhead was thoroughly tested before being dispatched, I am confident that it was operational. Please feel free to leave any review you deem appropriate.


UnTested = NOT RETURNABLE: We remove the printhead. No further tests done. As long as it doesn't look like chewed by wild dogs, we will ship it. 

Tested = NOT RETURNABLE: We will take the un-tested printhead and do a series of tests and cleanings. We will provide a 100% nozzle check for the printhead. Before we made it non-returnable, we tried to guarantee return for this product. People bought this printhead, then:

  • 1) they didn't have the skill to change a printhead.
  • 2) they found out there are other problems (e.g., burned FFC, mainboard malfunction) and decided to bail on the project
  • 3) they found out their old printhead working just fine, magically cured itself after receiving ours.

We invested A LOT in cleaning, testing and packaging. To make the printhead fresh, we only make it when an order comes in. Therefore, we cannot provide this product as a "try out". We suggest a 6+6 cleaning as soon as you receive it (see below).

What is a 6+6?

  • DO IT NOW! You want to mount the printhead as soon as you get it.
  • First Six: Do three printhead cleanings with the printer's built-in function. Power off the printer. Wait 1 hour, and do three more. Print a nozzle check at the end of each run—Mark page 1 to 6. Of course, stop cleaning and start using the printer if you get a perfect nozzle pattern at any time.
  • Wait overnight
  • Second Six: On the second day. Do three printhead cleanings with the printer's built-in function. Power off the printer. Wait 1 hour, and do three more—Mark the nozzle and check pages 6 to 12. 

Example of a perfect nozzle test:


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