Premium Pigment Refill Ink - 100 ml x 4 Four Color for HP (KP600X-H950)

  • Premium Pigment Refill Ink - 100 ml x 4 Four Color for HP (KP600X-H950)
  • Premium Pigment Refill Ink - 100 ml x 4 Four Color for HP (KP600X-H950)
  • Premium Pigment Refill Ink - 100 ml x 4 Four Color for HP (KP600X-H950)
  • Premium Pigment Refill Ink - 100 ml x 4 Four Color for HP (KP600X-H950)
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Genuine BCH® Pigment Ink Refill Ink for High-Speed Printers

Specially formulated for HP newest pigment cartridges such as 910, 932/933, 950/951, 970/971.
Premium Quality Pigment Ink (3 Pigment Color + 3 Pigment Black). Produces vivid true-to-life prints.
Match or Exceed OEM Specification on color, pH, surface tension and viscosity.
Reliable brand and Big Savings. Get premium image quality at competitive prices. Ideal for printing shop and small businesses.


1.  We re-designed the bottle packaging.  Now it is easier to be used with CIS and adapter tips.  

2. Each bottle is 100 ml.  There are 6 bottles: 3 x Black + C,M,Y.

Why is this set more expensive than others?

BCH Premium Highspeed Pigment 950 (H950) is a full pigment set: pigment color and black. It is created for one thing: total compatibility with original HP ink used for high-speed printers.  Re-formulated in 2016 for enhanced performance for HP 970 and a new generation of 950's.  Printed documents resist water, UV light, fading, and will retain color quality for decades. BCH proprietary inks also prevent corrosion and clogging of the printhead—ensuring the best prints. 

Do I have to use pigment ink?

No.  You can use dye ink on these printers too.  However, use only one type of ink at a time, do not use a mixture.  When you do the switch, use up the old type of ink as much as possible then switch to the new type.

BCH offers three sets of inks that can be used: 

[1] This full pigment set which is no different than original HP ink.  Pigment ink has the advantage of water resistance and long lasting (lasting 100+ years). If you are an artist and want your work last as long as possible, or a business owner and print shipment labels, pigment ink (1) is the best choice. 

[2] Premium Dye Ink which has low cost and guaranteed compatible (KD600X-AH).  If you print less than five pages a day, and the printout doesn't need to be waterproof, this is the best choice.   

[3] Pigment black and dye color (KH600X-3PH).  If you print text documents frequently and want the text to be sharp and durable, and also enjoy the lowered cost of dye ink, this is the best option.  The text will be waterproof while colors aren't.

 Create professional-quality prints, using BCH® premium inks, formulated for high-capacity cartridges offer a great value. 


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