Premium 600 ml HUVR Refill Ink for Epson (KD600X-AE)

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  • Premium 600 ml HUVR Refill Ink for Epson (KD600X-AE)
  • Premium 600 ml HUVR Refill Ink for Epson (KD600X-AE)
  • Premium 600 ml HUVR Refill Ink for Epson (KD600X-AE)
  • Premium 600 ml HUVR Refill Ink for Epson (KD600X-AE)
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Ultimate Premium Print Quality

Premium HUVR dye refill inks for all Epson printers.
BCH inks produce a wider gamut of more vivid color; durable prints resist fading.
Match or Exceed OEM Specification on color, pH, surface tension and viscosity.
Ideal for printing shop and small businesses.
Reliable brand and Big Savings.
Get premium image quality at competitive prices.
Refill syringes and gloves attached. Instructions are available (free download code included).
Three years shelf life under sealed storage without direct heat and sunlight.

What is HUVR Ink?
HUVR is High UV Resistant ink.  It is designed for usage in moderate to high UV environment, such as near a window or outdoors. The HUVR provides higher resistance than UV inks.  The appearance of yellow ink will look darker than regular UV inks because of HUVR additives.  However, the print color should look identical to regular inks.

Package Content:

3 x 100 ml Black dye ink
1 x 100 ml Cyan dye ink
1x 100 ml Magenta dye ink
1x 100 ml Yellow dye ink
4 x Syringe (5 ml)
4 x Extra long blunt needle
4 x Stickers (if you refill old version of Epson cartridges)
1 x Small hand drill (if you refill OEM cartridges)
1 x Gloves

Does it contain everything I need to refill my Epson?

This ink works on all Epson printers.  However, Epson has a memory chip on each cartridge.  The chip stores the number of pages printed with a cartridge.  For a printer to recognize a cartridge as full, we need to reset the page count to zero.  Epson cartridges are not always refillable, because of our ability to reset the page counter.


How do I refill my cartridge?

  • Scroll down to see YouTube videos.
  • Go to  Our manuals are listed by cartridge number, not printer model.

Can this kit be used with Epson's pigment/Durabrite ink? Will this ink blend in with the ink present in the cartridges?

This kit contains DYE ink.   BCH dye ink is compatible with Epson's pigment ink.  If a printhead is pigment based, we can use either pigment or dye ink. Switching ink types may cause printhead clogging initially.  Furthermore, refill activity may introduce air bubbles which block the printhead.  Therefore, knowing how to unclog the printhead is very useful, and there are many videos on how to unclog the printhead on YouTube.  We may add some videos later too.

Use one type of ink only.  Do not use a mixture of dye and pigment ink.  Use up the old ink before switching to a new type of ink.  BCH's dye ink is safe for 70:30 mix so that we can switch it without a problem.


How do I choose which type of ink (pigment/dye) to use?

  • Use pigment ink: waterproof, best smudge-resistant, highest UV resistant.  Clog-prone, print at least five pages a day.  For outdoor banners, legal documents, shipping labels.
  • Use dye ink: not waterproof,  good smudge-resistant, more vivid colors for photos, more economical. For day-to-day prints, regular documents, photos.



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