Ink Refill Kit for HP 40 Color Cartridges (51640C, 51640M, 51640Y)

  • Ink Refill Kit for HP 40 Color Cartridges (51640C, 51640M, 51640Y)
  • Ink Refill Kit for HP 40 Color Cartridges (51640C, 51640M, 51640Y)
  • Ink Refill Kit for HP 40 Color Cartridges (51640C, 51640M, 51640Y)
  • Ink Refill Kit for HP 40 Color Cartridges (51640C, 51640M, 51640Y)
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3 x 15 ml of C/M/Y each + Air-balancing Clip

Video:  How to master HP 15, 40, 45 Ink Refill

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How to refill HP  40 (51640) Cartridges

Step 1. Flip the cartridge upside down, and you will see a black sticker covering a refill hole.  Remove the black sticker, and you will see a steel bearing sealing the refill hole.  Push the ball down into the cartridge with the supplied accessory.  Our accessory may change and looks different than the picture.  You can use a small screwdriver do the job too.

Step 2.  Insert the needle into the fill hole and inject about 1/2 of the bottle.   Slowly inject the rest of the ink or till the cartridge is full.

Step 3. Insert the green rubber plug and seal the refill hole with a push-and-twist action.

Step 4. You can put the cartridge back to the printer, do a head cleaning using printer's built-in function.  If the result looks good, skip the rest of the steps.  Insert the cartridge into the cartridge holder while still keep the cartridge upside down.

Step 5.  Insert syringe into the hole on the end of the holder.  Draw the plunger out until 1 ml of ink enters the syringe.  Return the cartridge to the upright position.  Take the cartridge out and dab any excessive ink around the printhead.  Install the cartridge and do a head cleaning.  If the print quality is not acceptable, repeat step 4 and 5.

Genuine Premium BCH® Pigment Ink Refill Ink Kit
Everything you need for refilling.
Easy to follow instructions.
Premium Pigment Ink. Produces vivid true-to-life prints. Match or Exceed OEM Specification on color, pH, surface tension and viscosity
Reliable brand and Big Savings. Get premium image quality at competitive prices

Package content:

3 x 30 ml Premium Ink (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow)

3 x Rubber plug

1 x Hand drill for pushing steel bearing

1 x 5 ml syringe

1 x Cartridge priming clip

Create professional-quality prints, using BCH® premium inks, formulated for high-capacity cartridges offer a great value. Printed documents resist UV light, fading, and will retain color quality for decades. BCH proprietary inks also prevent corrosion and clogging of the printhead—ensuring the best prints. All BCH® inks are pre-treated with “BCH Wetter Solution”, which moisturizes and protects printer head from clogging, ideal for multiple cartridge refills and CISS systems. Count on Original BCH ink cartridges for consistent, reliable performance. BCH is a registered trademark of BCH Technologies LLC, USA, and distributed by licensed resellers. Any counterfeit or illegal distribution of BCH products is prosecutable by the law.

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