Epson WF-3640 Error 0x69 / 0xEA / 0xF1 Explained - Fix WorkForce WF-3620 / 3010 3520 / 3530 / 3540

A while ago, I made a video regarding the 0x69 error code, so today, I’ll be revisiting that and giving a bit of an update. This error comes up because when you start the printer, the printhead has no idea where the printhead is. This failure will cause the printhead to move all the way to the right before suddenly slamming to the left.

The printhead always tries to go to the right when you start your printer. In this scenario, it either gets stuck on something or gets confused and decides that it has gone as far as possible before it gets to the far right (also called point zero).

In the last piece I did about this, I talked about the clear belt with tiny marks that tell the printhead how far it’s gone and how far it has left to go. Another cause of this error code could be that the printhead doesn’t think it needs to travel as far as it does, or if the printhead carriage cover is not closed and secured correctly.

Epson also has an error message that will pop up sometimes, saying the carriage cover is not closed all the way. However, this can be a false error code as it will show up even on printers that I’ve taken the cover off. So while the cartridge may be getting stopped at that location and it gives you that message, that might not be what’s causing it to stop.

What really matters here when we’re trying to diagnose the issue is where the printhead is getting stuck. If the cover is the issue, it will struggle to get all the way to the right and display the message.

Another issue could be the belt itself, causing the printhead to get stuck at different locations. This could also noticeably cause the sequence and timing to be off. To troubleshoot the issue, you will have to focus on the timing belt (the clear belt on the back) and the mechanism that stops the printhead.

Make sure the belt is clean

The first thing you need to do is make sure that the clear belt cable is clean. IF there is dirt or dust on it, it can cover some of the light marks and cause the printhead to read one mark when it should be reading 200.

Then there’s a chance that the waste ink collection unit is getting caught on the bottom of the printhead carriage and causing it to get stuck. The white part on the top can slide back and forth and move up and down. If this is the issue, it’s best to get a new one, which you can do here. There’s also an installation video on that page.

Before you decide to buy it, though, let’s make sure that’s truly the issue. (There’s also the slight chance that the WIC may recover itself.)

To see if the WIC assembly can recover, move the white sliding part all the way to the left until you hear it click. It might be a bit hard to push, but don’t be afraid to put a little force behind it.

Reset the printhead position

Now you should restart the printer. What will happen is that you’ve created a false position, which the printer will recognize. Once it notices this, it will be forced to readjust itself. It will go through quite a few adjustments, and hopefully, one of them will be able to fix your problem.

Pay attention to whether or not that white platform can go down successfully. If it can, that’s a good sign. It means that it will probably be able to work. When the printer senses it dragging, it should lower it and cause it to stop doing so.

If you do see that the printhead is still dragging that piece of the ink waste collection assembly, that means that the whole assembly is out of line. Unfortunately, you’ll probably need to order a new one if this is the case. It’s not guaranteed that that will fix your problem, but the odds are pretty high.

For a video version of this tutorial, please check out my YouTube channel. I hope this article was helpful to you. Visit for more great information and replacement printer parts. Cheers!

Apr 25th 2022

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