Instruction for Epson Stylus C88+ Printhead Install/Uninstall

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Workflow sheet for install/uninstall printhead for Epson Stylus C88+ Series (C86, C88, C88+, and D88)

Package include

  • Video Instruction for Removal of External Casing
  • Video Instruction for Removal and Replace Printhead

Epson C88 Printhead Replacement Guide. Follow these easy steps in the video to remove and replace your printhead:

  • Using a small screwdriver, remove two screws to access the cover.
  • Pry open the cover using a flat screwdriver, starting from one side and working your way around.
  • Remove the cable cover and secure the tab to prevent it from sliding down.
  • Remove the CSIC cable and board, if necessary, by punching and lifting it up.
  • Remove the front frame by removing two screws and lifting off the rail.
  • Remove the timing belt by holding it down, sliding to the right, and pulling it out.
  • Release the two important tabs on the left and right to remove the printer carriage.
  • Remove the cover to access the page width sensor and disconnect all cables.
  • Slide the new printhead in and secure the two tabs to stabilize the front rail.
  • Reinstall the cable, page width sensor cover, and timing belt.
  • Power on the printer and run a test.
  • If the carriage does not move, check for twisted cables, incorrect rail placement, or incorrect cable connections.

Note: Do not separate the two cables when removing them and make sure to secure the tabs before inserting the printhead. The PW sensor cover can be left off until the cables are connected.

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