Using Transfer Tape with Inkjet Heat Transfer Paper

Are you in search of a reliable transfer tape to complement your Jetpro SS heat transfer paper? While most transfer tapes are commonly associated with vinyl applications, choosing the right one for heat transfer paper can be a bit tricky. In this article, we'll explore the conversation that delves into the selection and usage of transfer tape for Jetpro SS and provide insights into the process.

Selecting the Right Transfer Tape

The conversation begins with a user seeking recommendations for transfer tape that would work effectively with Jetpro SS heat transfer paper. They express concern that most transfer tapes seem to be more compatible with vinyl, posing a challenge when used with heat transfer paper. Several users chime in with their suggestions and experiences.

Understanding the Need for Transfer Tape

One user questions why transfer tape is necessary when working with Jetpro SS, as it's generally not required for this type of heat transfer paper. Another user provides clarification, pointing out that transfer tape is primarily used for lettering to avoid the faint white box around the letters. This distinction highlights the specific use case for transfer tape in this context.

Using Transfer Tape as a Cutting Aid

A valuable tip emerges as one user suggests using low tack transfer tape differently when working with Jetpro SS. Instead of using it as conventional transfer tape, they recommend using it as a cutting mat. By cutting through the transfer paper with the tape's assistance, it becomes easier to weed out unwanted parts, enhancing the precision of your heat transfer designs.

Success with the Process

In a subsequent update, the original poster (OP) confirms that they followed the advice and found success with this technique. They mention that once you determine the appropriate depth of the cut, the process becomes straightforward and takes about 15 minutes. Furthermore, the user also shares their experience with high tack transfer tape, which, despite being different from the recommended low tack tape, still yielded positive results.

Challenges with Larger Prints

Towards the end of the conversation, a challenge is brought up regarding larger prints, specifically an 11x17 size. The user notes that getting the Jetpro paper to lay flat can be problematic, particularly because it's challenging to scrape down the printed side. They express a desire to explore solutions for managing oversized heat transfer paper more effectively.

The conversation sheds light on the importance of selecting the right transfer tape when working with Jetpro SS heat transfer paper. Using transfer tape as a cutting aid can significantly improve precision and efficiency in the weeding process. While challenges may arise with larger prints, users are encouraged to explore techniques and solutions to overcome such obstacles.

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Sep 18th 2023 Jee Comendador

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