List of Canon Refillable Printers with Integrated Cartridges

Cartridge Group PG243/CL-244 PG-245/CL-246  PG-245XL/CL246XL are the same cartridge in refill perspective.  Therefore, you should buy the cheapest one. I recommend getting them from Canon's online shop ( Click here to visit). The price is about $30 with free shipping (last time I checked). I will put Amazon's active price here for you to compare.  Do not buy remanufactured cartridges because they have shorter lifespan and their cases are harder to open.

    For printers, I will list the models and the place that I recommend you to buy them from.

  • MG2522 (Walmart)
  • TS3122
  • TS3320 (B&H Photo)
  • TS3322 (Walmart)
  • TS202 (Canon website, B&H Photo)
  • MX492 (Walmart)
  • MX490  (B&H Photo)
  • TR4500/TR4520 (Canon Website or Walmart)

Cartridge Group PG-260 CL-261 (or XL)

  • TS5322 (Canon Website)

Cartridge Group PG-240 CL-241 (or XL, XXL)

Oct 20th 2020

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