HP OfficeJet Pro Print Carriage Stuck on the Right & Fake Paper Jam Error

Print Carriage Stuck on the Right & Fake Paper Jam Error

Are you dealing with a print carriage jam error in your printer?

It's so frustrating to see an error in the middle of a printing job. It's even more frustrating to check and re-check the problem as stated in the error message only to realize that the error message must be wrong! Sadly, a carriage jam error happens frequently with the HP OfficeJet Pro 9000 series printers. The error message indicates a paper jam. However, there is no paper jammed anywhere in the printer.

The error message received on the HP OfficeJet Pro 9000 series printers is:

"The print cartridge cannot move. Open the cartridge access door, clear any paper jam or obstruction, and select 'OK.'"

Such simple instructions, if only they worked! Unfortunately, many HP Printer users see this error message when there is no paper jam. After opening and closing the paper drawer and checking the paper feed inside the printer and the printer tray, the error message will not clear, and the carriage is stuck.

If you notice the error message states "print cartridge cannot move," you may open the printer and try to move it manually to find it will not move. Most printers have printhead locks, and you will need to unlock them to see if the printhead can move or not. The way to test it is to power on the printer. Once you hear the printhead trying to move, unplug the power. If you find the printhead can move freely, it is not a carriage jam, and please refer to my video on fake paper jam (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=00J4zo4mmXk) for further troubleshooting. However, if the printhead cannot move, do not follow HP's instructions and clear a non-existent "paper jam." That's because there is an underlying issue to address.

I have good news! The carriage jam issue is fixable with a bit of time and patience.

How Do You Fix It?

First, the issue is possibly the position of the cap station. I have a video showing how to lower the cap station. Check out the video! It may fix the issue for you.

Another possibility is a broken or cracked paper feeder (PF) gear. The gear transfers power to the cap station. The cap station will not retract if broken, and your cartridge will not move.

To fix this issue check out my YouTube video Fix "Carriage Jam" in HP Printer - The print carriage cannot move. You will see step-by-step instructions while I show you how to complete each step.

Do you need tools to complete this job?

Yes. You will need a long T10 drill bit, at least 6 inches long. You can find this at your local hardware store or find what you need on the BCH website. I hope this helps you fix the issue with your HP Printer! Also, check out my YouTube channel, Kevin at BCH, for more helpful videos!

Apr 27th 2022

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