How to Solve Problems with Epson Printers Stuck in Recovery Mode - WF-3640 Firmware Error

If you have an Epson printer, you may find the printer is stuck in Recovery Mode.  If this occurs, a message stating the printer is in “Recovery Mode” will be displayed on the product’s LCD screen, and you will be unable to perform any actions until this issue is resolved.

This error occurs if the firmware update procedure is interrupted, e.g. an accidental powering off of the product, cables being removed, or the installation being canceled.  To recover from this error, Epson will instruct customers to update their printers with the latest version of the firmware. However, this method does not always work. Therefore, we offer two solutions here.




Hi.  Welcome to BCH Technologies.  This is Kevin. Today, we are going to talk about how to get your printer out of “Recovery Mode.”  If your printer has a black screen like this, it is very annoying. You cannot do anything, such as print or copy.  If you turn the power on and off, it won’t work either, because the printer goes back to recovery mode immediately.


The problem is, you have a corrupted firmware.  So, for Epson’s solution, if you call Epson’s support line, they will ask you to go Epson’s firmware update site and download an update.


Basically, the first thing you will do is go to Epson’s website and find your printer.  Then, you can go to “Support” and then “download or update firmware.”


Epson actually didn’t tell you how to install it.  So, you can take a traditional approach, which involves running it.  You can find the printer on the USB port and install it. Now you can power it off and on.


If the first method doesn’t work, you need  to use the second method. You can see, after the installation, that you are still in this “Recovery Mode.”  If you power it on and off, it doesn’t change anything.


So, for the second method, the first thing you should do is to power the printer off.  Now, put your fingers like this and make a Texas longhorn sign. Use both hands to push down the Power button, Home button, and then #1 button and the orange button.  Next, hold down all four buttons with your hands and power the printer back on. Okay, now you can see the printer is ready for a firmware update. After this, you go back to the computer and install the firmware.


Now  go back to the printer and just leave it for a minute or two.  You will see a few lines of text when the printer is done updating.  Next, you can power it off. It is a good sign when you power it back on and the printer is not displaying “service mode.”


Aug 10th 2019 BCH Technologies

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