Fix Epson Scanner Error E 02 100077 WorkForce WF-2830 or 100016 on XP-4100 XP-4105

Fix Epson Scanner Error E 02 100077 WorkForce WF-2830 or 100016 on XP-4100 XP-4105

When using your Epson scanner, you may receive an E-02 100077 error. Often, this error is the result of a broken scanner glass. But how can you determine whether or not this is actually the case, and what can you do to fix this error? In this blog, we will explore that very question.

Evaluate the Epson scanner

First, open the scanner and check for any missing or broken pieces. If nothing seems out of place at first glance, you might also want to try turning the scanner back on and seeing how well the scanner can move when powered. If there is a foreign object blocking something inside the scanner, you should be able to tell at this point.

You will hear a knocking or grinding noise if something obstructs your scanner’s innards. However, if you don’t, then there’s probably no power going into the scanner at all. To fix this, first twist the blue piece to open up the scanner.

Check inside the scanner

Grab a #2 Phillips screwdriver and remove the screw on the left – the only screw you will need to remove at this step. You’ll then see some FFC cables. Use your finger to play around with those – if you can easily pull them out, that means they’re loose, and you will need to reattach the ribbon.

At this point, you will need to remove the second screw, which you can find on the scanner’s hinge. With two screws now removed, look at the bottom of the printer and locate two tabs. Push them in and start lifting the printer off. You will see a brown slot – this is where the cable should go.

Now we can fix the printer error problem for good. Get a piece of double-sided tape, place it on the FFC cable, and glue the cable to the printer. Open and close the printer a few times to make sure that your cable is long enough.

When putting the cover back on, it’s easier to focus on the screw on the hinge. Everything else will fall into place after you align the two holes on the hinge. You can now reinstall the blue piece and the screw. Congratulations! Your scanner is back together, and the error should be resolved.

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Jan 14th 2022

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