Resolving Error Code 71H on Procolored DTF Printers: A Detailed Guide by BCH Technologies


Hi, I have a Procolored DTF printer that shows solid red lights on the paper feed and ink clean buttons. I used the Epson resetter, and it shows error code 71H five times in a row. What should I do?


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Error code 71H is commonly associated with the Automated Platen Gap (APG) assembly, which includes the APG motor and two APG sensors. This unit controls the platen height and is crucial for proper printer function. The APG assembly typically resides on the left side of the printer.

The error can be attributed to several factors:

  1. APG Home Position Seeking Errors: These occur when the APG unit fails to correctly find its home position. This can be due to misalignment or sensor issues.
  2. APG Sensor Failures: If the sensors responsible for detecting the position of the APG are faulty, the printer cannot properly adjust the platen height.
  3. APG Motor Malfunctions: A malfunctioning motor can prevent the APG unit from moving correctly.

It's not uncommon for users to accidentally connect the wrong cables to the APG or install the APG unit in the incorrect slot. These minor oversights can significantly impact the printer's functionality. Additionally, sometimes the APG sensor gets knocked out of position while removing paper jams.

Some printers are equipped with a breakout board that can override the APG information. Therefore, checking the Flexible Flat Cable (FFC) connections and ensuring the quality of the breakout board is also advised.

For a visual guide on resolving this issue, you can refer to our YouTube video (

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Jun 17th 2024 Kevin Day

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