Winbond 25Q128JVSQ Flash Memory EEPROM Chip for Epson Main Board

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WF-3640 (IC4, IC5)
WF-7210 (IC3 only, IC4 is 64MB)
The W25Q128JV (128M-bit) Serial Flash memory provides a storage solution for systems with limited
space, pins and power. The 25Q series offers flexibility and performance well beyond ordinary Serial Flash
devices. They are ideal for code shadowing to RAM, executing code directly from Dual/Quad SPI (XIP)
and storing voice, text and data. The device operates on a single 2.7V to 3.6V power supply with current
consumption as low as 1µA for power-down. All devices are offered in space-saving packages.
The W25Q128JV array is organized into 65,536 programmable pages of 256-bytes each. Up to 256 bytes
can be programmed at a time. Pages can be erased in groups of 16 (4KB sector erase), groups of 128
(32KB block erase), groups of 256 (64KB block erase) or the entire chip (chip erase). The W25Q128JV
has 4,096 erasable sectors and 256 erasable blocks respectively. The small 4KB sectors allow for greater
flexibility in applications that require data and parameter storage. (See Figure 2.)
The W25Q128JV supports the standard Serial Peripheral Interface (SPI), Dual/Quad I/O SPI: Serial
Clock, Chip Select, Serial Data I/O0 (DI), I/O1 (DO), I/O2 and I/O3. SPI clock frequencies of W25Q128JV
of up to 133MHz are supported allowing equivalent clock rates of 266MHz (133MHz x 2) for Dual I/O and
532MHz (133MHz x 4) for Quad I/O when using the Fast Read Dual/Quad I/O. These transfer rates can
outperform standard Asynchronous 8 and 16-bit Parallel Flash memories.
Additionally, the device supports JEDEC standard manufacturer and device ID and SFDP, and a 64-bit
Unique Serial Number and three 256-bytes Security Registers.
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