Waste Capping Station Repair for L1800, XP-15000, ET-15000, ET-8550, WF-7720 & More

  • Waste Capping Station Repair for L1800, XP-15000, ET-15000, ET-8550, WF-7720 & More
  • Waste Capping Station Repair for L1800, XP-15000, ET-15000, ET-8550, WF-7720 & More
  • Waste Capping Station Repair for L1800, XP-15000, ET-15000, ET-8550, WF-7720 & More
  • Waste Capping Station Repair for L1800, XP-15000, ET-15000, ET-8550, WF-7720 & More
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Due to massive amount of orders, we will put this product in limited stock. If you see the item out of stock, please check back in a few days. Thanks! -- Kevin


Please do not purchase before reading this:

  1. We cannot work on your capping station immediately. We have a long waiting list. 
  2. We cannot gurantee that your capping station can be fixed. Some printers just can't be fixed.
  3. We cannot gurantee it will be "worth it." Sometimes the repair labor plus parts will be more than a new printer!
  4. This service is for repairing one capping station ONLY. The printer repair service & printhead cleaning are not included. We will repair and test the capping station until it runs perfectly on our testing printer. If you send in a whole printer, we will only work on the capping station part.
  5. Labor ONLY. Parts are not included. If there are any missing or malfunctioning parts, we will charge extra.
  6. There is no warranty for the repair.
  7. The capping station is considered NO VALUE and NOT WORKING if you order this service. If the printer or capping station is damaged or lost during transportation, repair, or other circumstances, there is no compensation.
  8. Once the work is completed, we will send you an email with a Paypal invoice for the return shipping. You have 14 calendar days to pick up or pay the invoice to remove the capping station from our workspace. After 14 days, we will dispose the printer to Guilford County Scrap Tire & White Goods Recycling Center, 2138 Bishop Road, Greensboro. Open 8:00 AM-4:00 PM, Monday through Friday. (336) 641-9431
  9. The above 14 calendar day starts when we SEND the email. It doesn't matter if your spam filter catches the email, doesn't read the email, doesn't reply to it, is on vacation, or gives birth to a child. We've received numerous complaints from customers who, after waiting months for their printer to be repaired, feel hurried by our 14-day removal policy. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. Unfortunately, due to a high volume of work, restricted storage space, and the need to keep our work area clear, we need to ensure printers are removed promptly once repairs are completed.

Please select your printer type above.

  • Capping Station Only (You take the capping station out and send to us). This listing is for repair capping station that's already uninstalled and ready to be worked on.
  • Whole Printer $30 extra (You bring the printer here locally. We don't accept the whole printer in the mail). If you ask us to uninstall the capping station for you, there will be a $30 extra. We are going to show you how to remove the capping station in the video below, so we will gradually adding more videos.
  • SAME DAY RUSH $20 extra. FOR LOCALS ONLY. If you want to wait in the car. The whole process takes about two hours, so bring you best playlist. We don't offer "free WiFi" but we have a restroom and Sheetz is 1 minute down the road.

Beware: Your Printer Might Not Be Worth Repairing

Consider this case: A customer once paid us $50 for labor, asking us to cover the shipping costs ($20 each way) initially, with a promise to reimburse us later. However, we found that the printer was irreparable. The customer decided to leave the printer with us, feeling that our service resulted in a two-month wait and a loss of $50, which effectively meant giving away his printer. Needless to say, he believed it was a poor deal.

From our perspective, two of our technicians spent two weeks trying to fix the printer. After deducting the shipping costs, we made a profit of $30 ($50 - $20), not to mention the discarded, unfixable printer we received. However, we also purchased a $49 mainboard (which was non-refundable) and a set of FFC cables valued at $16. Now, we're left with a damaged, old printer that we'll have to salvage for parts to recoup our costs. We would have preferred to allocate this time to other, more productive projects. It's important to clarify this point to avoid any dissatisfaction on both sides: we will put in our utmost effort to repair your printer. HOWEVER, please bear in mind that 1) not every printer is repairable, 2) the repair cost might exceed the price of a new printer, and 3) there will be a waiting period for the repair process.

How to get the capping station to us:

LOCAL: Purchase the service. 

You can drop it at our warehouse at 506 Radar Road, Suite B, Greensboro, NC 27410.  Monday to Friday, 9 AM to 4 PM (not 5 PM!). Once you are on Radar Road, you will see huge numbers on the top of each building. We are in building 506. If Google Map brings you to the loading dock, drive around to the front of the building. 


Continental USA: 

Our receiving address is below. Make sure to put your order number at ####. We receive a massive amount of printers each day. If your printer doesn't have the ###, it may be mixed with other shipments. 

BCH Technologies (Repair-####)

506 Radar Road Suite B, 

Greensboro, NC 27410, U.S.A.

Shipping is not included in this order.

  • Incoming shipping: check your local UPS/FedEx/USPS for rate. We cannot anwer "how much does this cost if I ship..." or "How long does it take to ship..."
  • Return shipping: we will send you a final bill with shipping cost and materials that we used.
  • We are not responsible for shipping lost/damages/stolen either way. 

Worldwide: You will be responsible for all tariffs and taxes.

How to install Uninstall Capping Station

 L1800, 1390, Artisan 1430, 1400

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