Upgraded Priming Pad for Canon Spongless Cartridges and OEM PG-260 CL-261 (AS-PMPAD-260)

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Pad for Canon Spongeless Cartridges and OEM PG-260 CL-261 (XL and non-XL)

These improved pads are designed to address the problem that regular green or blue pads cannot prime the spongeless and PG-260/CL-261 efficiently.  The pad is made with high strength silicone so it not only can fit the new Canon cartridges but also old versions such as PG-210/CL-211, PG-243/CL-244, PG-245/CL-246, PG-240/CL-241.

Canon sales these cartridges with different prefix across sales regions. These are the same as other countries 3*,4*,5*, 6*,7*,8*, and 9* models, such as

  • PG-145 CL-146 (Central & South America)
  • PG-245 CL-246 (North America)
  • PG-345 CL-346 (Japan)
  • PG-445 CL-446 (Russia)
  • PG-545 CL-546 (Europe)
  • PG-645 CL-646 (Asia Oceania)
  • PG-745 CL-746 (Southeast Asia)
  • PG-845 CL-846 (China)
  • PG-945 CL-946 (Korean)

The pad fits both tall and short black clips.  However, the clip and syringe are sold seperately.

Remove Air Bubbles After Refill

After a refill, air bubbles may temporarily block the printhead.  You may sit the cartridge for few hours and do some head-cleaning to get rid of air bubbles.  Or, you can use this tool to remove the air immediately after refill.

Unclog Printhead

 When the old ink dried and condensed inside printhead, you can use this clip to draw the old gummy substance out and revive the printhead.

Remove Excessive Ink

You probably overflooded the ink if this is your first refill.  This kit can let you draw the ink out and start again.

Package includes

1 x silicone pad for color

1 x silicone pad for black




1. Take a look at the bottom of the cartridge and decide if you have long printhead slot or a short one. (Long one for black and Short for color)

2. Put a right silicone pad on the clip

3. Put the printhead on top of silicone pad and push the cartridge in until you hear a click.

4. Use syringe, draw 1-2 ml of ink from the bottom.

5. Remove the cartridge and install it in the printer.  Repeat if necessary.

For Priming PG-40, PG-240, CL-41, CL-241

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