Upgraded Holding Case for BCHSQ Flow Damper - 6 Colors


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  • Upgraded Holding Case for BCHSQ Flow Damper - 6 Colors
  • Upgraded Holding Case for BCHSQ Flow Damper - 6 Colors
  • Upgraded Holding Case for BCHSQ Flow Damper - 6 Colors
MSRP: $9.99
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Holding Case (no damper included) for BCHSQ (30 mm x 30 mm x7mm) Damper

  • Can hold up to 6 colors
  • Hold the damper at an optimized angle to minimize the air bubble and maximize the ink flow

Eliminates/Prevents air bubble from damaging CIS and print head system
Damper opens automatically when printer is in printing mode and closes automatically when ink is pushed back.
This damper system can be used on any CISS/CIS unit. Just cut your tubes and connect to the unit.
Package includes:

  • 1 x Holding Case

Ink backflow has been a problem for Continuous Ink Supply System (CISS) for a long time. Daily temperature fluctuation creates air bubbles which push ink back into external reservoirs. Once air bubbles are pushed into the supply tube, it alters the ink pressure and creating a cascade of events and stops CISS from working. Ink flow damper was designed to eliminate the ink backflow using technologies used on commercial large-format printers.


Insert BCHSQ Dampers as picture shown

  1. Identify the ink intake(1) and output(4) by the arrow (2) on the top of the damper.
  2. Insert an elbow into ink intake (1) and connect the elbow to the ink source.
  3. Draw air out from the output (4) with a syringe. Ink will flow into the damper. Alternatively, ink can be added to the damper by using the priming hole (3).
  4. Once the damper is almost full, insert another elbow to the output (4) and connect it to the printer.


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