Modification: Add External Tank & Chipless Conversion - Epson HP and Canon Desktop Inkjets

  • Modification: Add External Tank & Chipless Conversion - Epson HP and Canon Desktop Inkjets
  • Modification: Add External Tank & Chipless Conversion - Epson HP and Canon Desktop Inkjets
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Due to popular demand, we have a long waitlist (usually 2-4 weeks). Please be mindful that we cannot work on your printer as soon as it arrives.  You are welcome to send the printer here but it will be a few weeks until we can work on it.  Please check here for our current waitlist (BCH Waitlist).

Firstly, we are a local business, and we expect you to be able to drop the printer off at our local store (address below). If you are out of our service area, you will be responsible for shipping both ways.

What is this "Printer Repair Service"?

  • Labor for a complete modification of a printer by adding external ink tanks.  Contact us to see if it can be done or not.
  • Parts not included. If a replacement part is needed, we will communicate with the owner.
  • Please make sure your printer is WORKING before contact us.  This is not a repair service.
  • We don't gurantee every printer can be converted.  Some printers (although the model can be converted) has its own quirks.  For example, some of WF-3640 can't be converted until we test it.
  • 90-Day warranty. If the printer breaks within 90 days after we convert it, we will fix it for free, except for the possible shipping and parts cost.
  • There is always a waiting list. So please get in touch with us before sending your printer in.
  • We are not liable for possible damage during the shipment or repair or any loss during shipment. In addition, for all the repairs, the printer is deemed at NO VALUE. Therefore, we are not susceptible to any risks by accepting this order.

How does this thing work?

  1. Email the printer model to We will give you an estimated time frame for the repair (we always have a long waiting list). Also, we will let you know which part to send in so we don't have to buy them for you.
  2. Purchase the service on this page. If you show up at our store without a purchase, we can take cash or credit card.
  3. Get the printer to us (see below)

How to get the printer to us:

LOCAL: Purchase the service. 

    1. Send an email to Put the order number and REQUEST DROP OFF TIME in the title—for example, Order 12345 Request Drop Off Time. The email body gives us three possible drop-off time slots to choose from. (9 AM to 4 PM)
    2. You can drop it at our warehouse at 506 Radar Road, Suite B, Greensboro, NC 27410. Once you are on Radar Road, you will see huge numbers on the top of each building. We are in building 506. If Google Map brings you to the loading dock, drive around to the front of the building.

Continental USA: 

Our receiving address is below. Make sure to put your order number at ####. We receive a massive amount of printers each day. If your printer doesn't have the ###, it may be mixed with other shipments.

BCH Technologies (Repair-####)
506 Radar Road Suite B, 
Greensboro, NC 27410

We have excellent corporate rates on FedEx and UPS. If you need to ship the printer to us and want to enjoy the corporate rate, you can email Put the order number and NEED SHIPPING QUOTE in the title: "Order 1234 Need Shipping Quote". In the email body, include the printer model, your name, and address, so we can look up the printer's weight and get an accurate quote. We can send you a Paypal invoice for the shipping label. Once the Paypal invoice is paid, we will send you the shipping label.

Worldwide: We can arrange DHL Service, but you will be responsible for all tariffs and taxes.

Small Prints:

  • We do not guarantee that the printer can be fixed.
  • The printer is considered NO VALUE and NOT WORKING if you order this service. If the printer is damaged or lost during transportation, repair, or other circumstances, there is no compensation.
  • Once the work is completed, we will send you an email with a Paypal invoice for the return shipping. You have seven calendar days to pick up or pay the invoice to remove the printer from our workspace. We will give Triad Electronic Recycle Center the printer after seven calendar days.
  • The above seven calendar day starts when we SEND the email. It doesn't matter if your spam filter catches the email, doesn't read the email, doesn't reply to it, is on vacation, or gives birth to a child. We have so many people who just disappeared after telling them the printer couldn't be fixed. We have to clear out the space and get things moving.


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