Clear Silicone Sealant to Waterproof Printhead Cables

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This electronics silicone sealant is perfect for printhead and mainboard installations whose jobs only require a small amount of adhesive per installation. In addition, the sealant is waterproof (or ink proof) and safe to use on electronics. 


    • Perfect for Sealing Cable Entry
    • Water Proof
    • Electronically Safe
    • Compact Size Saves Space
    • Less Wasteful than larger Tubes
    • Clear Silicone Sealant


At room temperature with a 50% humidity environment, allow 24 hours of curing time for the depth of 2.5 mm. Allow longer curing time for the thicker area. For thinner layers or higher temperatures, the curing time can be as short as 4 hours. Do not conduct electricity before the coating is fully cured.


  • Volume: 15ml
  • Quantity: 1 Tube
  • Form: Pasty
  • Color: Clear
  • Odor: Acetic acid odor
  • Boiling Point/Range: >103C (217.4F) at 1, 013 hPa
  • Flashpoint:
  • Density: 0.97g/cm3
  • Solubility/Qualitative: Insoluble
  • Viscosity, Kinematic: > 7 mm2/s at 40C (104F)e


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