XP-7100 Power Supply

XP-7100 Power Supply

Today we’re going to be looking at how to install the power supply on an Epson Expression Premium Printer. If I had to choose one word to best describe this printer, it would have to be compact. While this can come in handy, it makes installing and changing parts a little more difficult because everything fits together extremely tightly.

Because of this, I recommend doing some troubleshooting before you decide to try to change your power supply. If you don’t make absolutely sure that your power supply is the issue first, then you might end up going through this entire process for no reason.

It’s also essential to make sure that you get your power supply from a reliable source, otherwise, you may find out after it arrives that it’s broken or defective. One place that I recommend you consider buying your power supply from is my website, BCHTechnologies.com. This item is the specific power supply I will be teaching you how to install today.

Accessing the Power Supply Unit

We’ll have to remove the scanner unit before getting started. For a detailed instructional video on how to do this, click here. I also have a lot of other helpful printer-related videos on my YouTube channel.

After removing the scanner unit, you should see two screws on top of the printer. Go ahead and remove those so that you can take off the hinge. The top cover should now be loose, with only a couple screws near the front holding it in place. Take those out, and a plate should come off. Under that, a few more screws that we need to remove are hiding.

The second screw is a bit deep, so you’ll need a Phillips screwdriver with a bit of length. Four screws only secure the black plate we want to remove, but you need to remove the previous plate to get to the two front ones.

On the corner near the bottom of the printer, there will be two more screws holding a cover in place. Remove the screws and the cover. You should now be able to see the old power supply unit. We’ll have to take that out to put the new one in.

Replacing the Old Power Supply Unit

There are a lot of screws in a small area here, and you must get the right ones. If you want a visual guide, you can watch this video on it and skip to time stamp 2:24. Do not remove the screw in the front, but instead unscrew the one on the right side nearby.

We now need to loosen the bottom plate. We’ve already removed the first screw in the way. The second one is going to be under the motor. The positioning of this screw is a bit awkward, so a long or angled screwdriver would come in handy if you have one.

Now very carefully take the motor and drive belt off. It would be best if you didn’t damage the clear belt. The motor should be able to slide right off at this point. You should be able to see yet another screw underneath the power supply unit that needs to be removed. I recommend a screwdriver with a magnetic tip if you have one. Since the screws are so close together here and getting the right one is important, click here to go to the timestamp in the video where I demonstrate.

The bottom tray holding the power supply should be practically falling off by now, so just wiggle the power supply out of its spot. If the metal bracket holding it comes off, you can just push it gently back into place.

Thanks for reading this blog post. For more tips, tricks, and DIY printer advice, visit BCHTechnologies.Com/blog and follow me on YouTube at Kevin at BCH. For a visual walkthrough of this blog post, you can watch my video on the topic.

Jun 23rd 2022

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