Turn off Chip Info for HP Printer without Touch Screen LED Panel - PhotoSmart Premium

This is an accompaniment to a video on my YouTube channel, which is part of a series I did on refilling HP twin chamber cartridges. Some HP printers’ setup functions are not on the LED screen selection, but instead on a button on the control panel next to it. To disable the chip info function on this type of printer, start by pressing that settings button.

Go to preferences and scroll until you find the cartridge chip info. If you find it and you discover that your printer won’t let you select this option, that’s almost always because the cartridge chip info has already been turned off. It’ll be greyed out, and when you scroll down, the highlighted section will jump over it, because it won’t let you select it.

The only way to change this and give you the option to change it, is to reset to factory default and go to preferences. That should give you the option to slecect chip info and interact with that menu setting.

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Jan 25th 2023

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