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Today we’ll be looking at how to take the cover off of an Epson Workforce Pro WF-6090. This printer is very large, so working with it can be intimidating. Don’t worry, though, because I’m here to walk you through it.

Opening this printer is relatively easy compared to some other models. You start at the back of the printer, where you’ll have to remove four screws. After you’ve done this, lift the back paper guard, where you should find two more screws on the top, which you will also need to remove. Now you should easily be able to remove the top cover.

Remove the first five screws

Now you’ll have to remove another five screws on the top. Three will be toward the front and should be pretty easy to find. The other two are toward the center on top. Now turn the printer so that the front is facing you. Carefully use a screwdriver to pry the front cover forward from the left side. Slide that part off, and then we get to remove more screws.

Remove the next six screws

Underneath where the front cover used to be, you’ll find six screws on top. Take them out, making sure you get exactly six screws. After you’ve done this, you should be able to take off the front LCD panel. There will be five more screws underneath this, so remove those as well.

Those five screws are the only things holding the front panel in place, so you can go ahead and take that off now. Take out the two screws on the right panel and remove that also. You should be able to see a wire now. Go ahead and take that out of the socket and unwind it. This connects to the mechanical sensor that detects whether or not the door is closed. If you are getting an error message and need to replace this, you can order a new one here.

Remove the next two screws

Remove the two screws on the front of the printer. Starting from the left corner on the top, we will try and lift the pieces holding the front part in place. Doing so should allow it to slide forward.

We’re going to move to the bottom of the printer. There will be a small spot on the bottom where you can wedge your screwdriver and further attempt to pry the front part off. This will be difficult, and you may want someone to help you. You will need to pry both the top and bottom simultaneously to remove the front part.

There will be a final set of two screws for you to remove. Now you can take the case off. Start from the front, pull up, and work your way back. Now use your finger to hold that part open as far back as possible, then use your screwdriver to pry it from the back.

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May 18th 2022

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