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Question 1:  I bought an HP with free four-month ink, aka 1200 pages, and they cut me off for not paying after not using all my 1,200 pages;anyway the point is I need ink and I don't agree to pay when I didn't get four months worth of ink sent to me, they have rude customer service and your YouTube video was blocked, can I alter chips to up my ink or do I need to buy ink cartridges from you and the ink refill? Also, will you send video to make it as I got learning disabilities so I need simple steps with clear instructions in video mode? I so agree with HP.

The answer to Question 1:

HP's instant ink program is based on time.  The program's contract says, "Up to xxx pages."  Therefore, if you don't print that many pages, you can roll it over (with a limit) to the next month if you are still a paying customer in the next month.  However, if you stop paying them, then all of your rollover pages are gone. Instant ink is great for people who have only a few pages to print a month. However, for any significant printing, it will cost an arm and a leg.  The BCH's goal is to let our customers "print free" so that they won't worry about how much the ink will cost when they print or calculate how many pages are left in their quota.

Jul 18th 2019 BCH Technologies

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